Business Banking educational program

Establish strong business banking relationships to expand access to capital.

o Master business finances and understand banking/capital models and risk analyses. o Build and maintain strong relationships with banks and other key financial institutions. o Better position companies to secure capital to grow and scale in the future.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Voices Banking Bootcamp

    • The Why: Better Business Banking Relationships Help Facilitate Access to Capital

    • Banking & Finance As You Grow : Links to Articles & Resources

    • Crisis Resilience : Links to Resources on Challenges of COVID-19, Developing an Innovation Mindset & Disruptive Technology

    • Remaining Resilient Toolkit

    • Crisis Resilience: The Importance of People & Culture

    • Crisis Resilience: Looking Ahead - The Macroeconomic View

  • 2

    JPMorgan Chase Financing Resources

    • Chase Chats for Small Business

    • Chase SBA Financing

    • Chase Basics of Credit

    • Chase Equipment Finance

  • 3

    Brand Building in Social Media Space

    • Brand Building in the Age of Social Media

  • 4

    Payment Gateways

    • Advanced Payment Solutions

    • Payments Fraud